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Thermosyphon Seal Support System

Thermosyphon Seal Support System

Seal Support System

The f4s10 system is a range of barrier fluid systems to cover most applications, offering fast and problem-free installation on-site.

These are supplied with all necessary components and fittings. Where applicable an easy to fit optional polyamide hose kit is available.

Water retention systems:

Water retention systems are connected directly to a suitable clean water supply (subject to local regulations) to form a low maintenance, high reliability barrier fluid system. In normal operation the supply pressurises the vessel, but negliable water is drawn. The 'themosyphon' effect (natural convection) ensures the seal is kept cool.

When the flow indicator eventually shows water is being drawn from the supply, this indicates the need to consider seal replacement. In the meantime, the integrity of the barrier is maintained to extend seal life and prevent any loss of product.

Gas/Air pressurised systems:

Pressure systems are partially filled with a suitable fluid, then pressurised via a connection to a factory air or nitrogen supply. Alternatively, the system can be pressurised from a mobile nitrogen cylinder. Again, the seal is cooled by the 'thermosyphon' effect.

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