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Gate, Goggle and Donkin Valves

Fenflow Limited specialise in the service, repair, overhaul and installation of industrial valves for a wide range of sectors.

We can complete overhaul of all sizes of goggle valves up to 84 inches, to include the hydraulic jacking system and testing of the main bellows section replacing where required, we can also manufacture replacement spectacle and sealing plates. We also specialise in large Donkin and Gate valves service,  overhauls and installations. 

We are also able to provide full actuation on swing through or slide along sealing systems replacing hand and chain wheel operation.

We provide test certificates for all overhauled goggle valves in both open and closed positions. 

Industries We Work With

NHS   Food Industry    Power Plants    Water & Drainage Boards    Agriculture    Pharmaceuticals    Oil refining    Energy Generation    Brewing    Local Authorities

A selction of Gate, Goggle and Donkin Valves we have repaires, serviced and installe dover the years at Fenflow Limited 



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