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Industrial Gearboxes Repairs, Overhaul & Servicing

Fenflow Limited can service, overhaul and upgrade all types of industrial gearboxes including replacing bearings and seals

Our engineers can also manufacture new shafts and gears in our workshop. Servicing heavy industrial gearboxes requires specialized  tools and equipment and trained staff with the skills and expertise in heavy industry.  

Our experienced technicians can provide the following services –

  • Housing and shaft repairs or manufacturing- Shafts can fail due to torsion, bending, or fatigue all of which can cause the gearbox to possibly seize or the shaft to break, resulting in catastrophic failure.
  • Seal replacement- Seals can fail due to damage, wear  which can cause oil leaks, leading to contamination of the gearbox and damage to internal components.
  • Bearing replacement- bearings in the gearbox can fail due to wear and tear, contamination, or improper lubrication all of  which can cause increased noise, vibration and increased temperatures. 

Proper industrial gearbox maintenance can help prevent catastrophic failures and extend the lifespan of the gearbox. So if your noticing any noises, overheating, leaks, decreased efficiency or misalignment give us a call. 

Industries We Work With

NHS   Food Industry    Power Plants    Water & Drainage Boards    Agriculture    Pharmaceuticals    Oil refining    Energy Generation    Brewing    Local Authorities

A selction of industrial gearboxes 

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